Iron Railings or open plan? Dilemma!!!


Posted by jasdfgh | Posted in Design | Posted on 02-09-2013


Hope you are enjoying the blog so far, I am well into my garden design now and I am faced with another dilemma. As I sit here on my brand new Artificial lawn I must add!. My husband has been nagging me about the wall that runs along our patio area which raises up to the top level of the garden. I personally wanted to leave it as it is, but my husband suggested that Iron railings would be much safer for the Kids and would also look good too. I have been browsing around and there are some really nice wrought Iron railings about. I didn’t realise just how many different designs there were!

Considering I was totally against it I now think a small low level railing would look pretty good. It would also match the Iron gate which we have that separates the driveway to the garden. I really don’t know anything about garden railings so I searched Google and found ADgates. They actually came out and measured the wall and made the railings exactly how I wanted them. They also fitted them to which was great.

Now I have yet another feature in my garden and the bill keeps adding up! but I don’t care – I want  a nice garden!

Now I have the main features in its time to start learning a little more about plants and its time I started planting some!! So the next few posts will be about different plants. Hopefully we can learn something along the way.