Say Hello to the Birdies!


Posted by jasdfgh | Posted in Wildlife | Posted on 03-10-2013

birdsHi everyone – is the weather getting colder with you? We had a great September – and we all sat out in the garden a lot – but now I think fall is definitely here and the chances to enjoy the garden aren’t going to be as many.

Because I’m now to gardening and I’ve been finding out a lot of stuff since I started trying to improve it, I feel kinda sad that fall is here. As you’ll know I went for an artificial lawn and it’s been great not having to cut it through the summer (my neighbour has a real lawn and I think he was really envious of me as I didn’t need to cut ours and he seemed to be out there practically every day).

Of course, an artificial lawn looks great all year round so it’s nice to know I’ll be looking out at the same view (sort of, you know what I mean…)


Feed the Birds

I’ve been thinking about the birds though. My kids love animals and wildlife and I thought it would be great for them to feed the birds this winter. We could have fun trying to identify them too – I picked up this book in my local book store last week which was meant for kids and it tells you how to identify different birds and gives you information about them

We could turn it into a competition – who in the family can see and identify the most kinds of birds. What do you think?

Anyway, I read up online about what I need to do to attract birds to the garden in winter. I’m going to start with as bird feeder, obviously, and I’ll make sure I put it in a place where cats or squirrels can’t get at it easily. You then make sure there is a regular supply of seeds and suet in there to attract the birds.


More than Feeders

But, according to what I’ve been reading, bird feeders aren’t the only things you need. You also want to make sure there are trees, bushes and shrubs in your garden. The birds will be looking for shelter and stuff they can use for building nests. I’ve got some asters growing in the garden, and apparently they are great for attracting cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, indigo buntings, nuthatches, sparrows and towhees. Hey – I don’t even know what half of these birds look like!

Advice I’ve read also recommends other plants which are good for attracting birds to your garden – the black-eyed Susan, coneflowers and globe thistles are good for birds. It seems that black-eyed Susan and coneflowers are pretty sturdy plants too and are good at surviving even the harshest winter.


This all sounds good and I can’t wait to see the birds in our garden this winter.