Sorting out the Garden Pond


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Hi everyone – and welcome back to my gardening blog. (Thanks for visiting – my mom brought me and my sisters up to be polite, so I think it’s only fair that I say thanks for dropping by.)


As you’ll know if you read my ‘about’ page, I’m new to this whole gardening lark. I’ve been wanting to make the most of our garden for a long time so I started up this blog as a kind of gardening diary. Writing a blog makes me do research so it’s really useful for my garden too.


Time for the Pond


We’ve got a pond in our garden, but it’s been a bit neglected. I had fenced it off a few years ago because I was worried about the kids – you read such terrible things about kids falling into ponds and drowning, and they can drown in such tiny amounts of water too – but now they are a bit more grown-up and safety-aware, I think it’s time to reveal the pond in its full glory!!


The thing is, the pond is looking a bit – well, icky really. I did some research and I discovered we’ve got pond blanket weed. Urgh! Luckily for us, it is only around the edge of the pond where the water is more shallow, but I need to do something about it quickly to stop it spreading as it could end up everywhere – even at the bottom of the pond too!


Removing Blanket Weed


The advice I read about how to remove blanket weed was that you should remove as much of the weed by hand as possible before starting on any kind of chemical treatment, so it looks as if I’ll need to pull on hubby’s waders and get stuck in. I’ll need to rake over the pond, then lift the rake up. If the blanket weed is attached, I’ve got to slowly twist the rake and pull it out. I’ll need to do this daily until the weed is under control.


Eventually, I’d like to put fish in the pond. My hubbie is desperate for fish as he really likes them. I think he finds it soothing watching them swimming round and round, and the kids say they would like fish too. I think it would be good for them as a project. I’d make them responsible for feeding the fish every day.


The advice I read about how to remove blanket weed also said there are certain fish you can add to your pond which will eat blanket weed – such as grass carp, so that sounds like a good idea. I don’t really like the idea of having to use strong chemicals on my pond to remove blanket weed, but if I’ve got fish in there that can do it for me – brilliant!


Is there anyone reading this who’s had the same problem with their pond? If so, I’d love it if you could give me advice on how to deal with it and how long it took you to get rid of blanket weed. Thanks in advance!

Iron Railings or open plan? Dilemma!!!


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Hope you are enjoying the blog so far, I am well into my garden design now and I am faced with another dilemma. As I sit here on my brand new Artificial lawn I must add!. My husband has been nagging me about the wall that runs along our patio area which raises up to the top level of the garden. I personally wanted to leave it as it is, but my husband suggested that Iron railings would be much safer for the Kids and would also look good too. I have been browsing around and there are some really nice wrought Iron railings about. I didn’t realise just how many different designs there were!

Considering I was totally against it I now think a small low level railing would look pretty good. It would also match the Iron gate which we have that separates the driveway to the garden. I really don’t know anything about garden railings so I searched Google and found ADgates. They actually came out and measured the wall and made the railings exactly how I wanted them. They also fitted them to which was great.

Now I have yet another feature in my garden and the bill keeps adding up! but I don’t care – I want  a nice garden!

Now I have the main features in its time to start learning a little more about plants and its time I started planting some!! So the next few posts will be about different plants. Hopefully we can learn something along the way.

Real lawn or artificial?


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On to my second post and I have a bit of a dilemma! Should I have a real grass lawn or and artificial lawn? This has been bugging me all week so I though I may aswell write a post about the pro’s and con’s of each one and hopefully by the time I have finished I will have come to a decision as to which is best for my garden, and hopefully yours!

Ok, I have a pretty large area with a bit of curvature that I would like as my lawn. I have been doing a bit of research and here is what I have found.

Real grass lawn – There is nothing better than relaxing on a beautifully cut, lush green lawn in the middle of summer! I can just picture it now. The feel, the smell of outdoors and the softness under your feet. All sounds great doesn’t it? but we live in the real world and we all know that this scenerio will occure no more than a dozens times per year.

So here is my list of advantages and disadvantages to a real grass lawn:



  • Relatively cheap, you can get turf quite easily
  • Looks great (when cut and maintained)
  • It’s natural
  • Hmmm, Im running out of ideas already!
  • It’s good for the kids to play on!



  • Grass needs cutting, especially in the summer
  • You will need to purchase a lawn mower
  • Becomes messy and untidy in the winter
  • Takes a lot of care and attention
  • Weeds grow within the lawn (nightmare)
  • Ruined very quickly with children running riot on there!
  • Dogs can dig it up
  • Creates messy feet when its wet and soggy
  • Come back off holiday and your garden looks like the amazon rain forest


It seems there disadvantages outweigh the advantages here!. This will lead us on nicely to the artificial lawns

I have been looking around latley and there are some great astro turm lawns available. They look so real its unbeliveable.

Artificial Turf?


Looks real, I mean really real!!

Drains well

Looks great

Looks great all year around, come wind, rain or whatever

No maintenance whatsoever (my favourite)

Child and pet friendly

No weeds grow through

No need to fork out for a lawn mower

Hard wearing

Does not get muddy











Expensive. It can cost quite a bit for the good stuff

Doesn’t quite feel like real grass

You don’t get the fresh outdoor smell


Well, judging by what i have just come up with there is no comparison really. Artificial turf is amazing and I will definitely be getting one laid in my garden.


Different types of Artificial lawn!

Ok, There are actually a few different types of artificial turf. the first being what they call ‘Monofilament synthetic grass. Basically this means it’s height and width are equal. This type of grass requires the help of some special types of formulas like rock base. Next there is silt film or fibrillated synthetic grass. This is when each blade is thick, its like wide grass, similar to fescue or blue grass. Most types of artificial turf you buy are sand filled. you can get short or long pile, depending on your preferences. If using it in your garden then I would suggest a long pile, as the shorter stuff is very tuff and is used for football pitches!

I hope this article has helped and please feel free to leave a comment below!