I’ve Planted My Onions!


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Hey everyone – did you have a good weekend? The weather forecasters in our area got the forecast wrong – which was great, because I was expecting rain and it didn’t come. It meant me, hubbie and the kids got to sit out in the garden all day Saturday and all day Sunday.


Actually hubbie was the only one who sat out (typical!). I planted stuff and the kids ran about like crazy, wild things, which was great because they went off to bed at 8pm on Saturday night (and actually requested that they go to bed!!) and hubbie and I got to have a glass of wine outside. I’m lovin’ our garden life


To keep you up to date, I planted radishes, kale and onions this weekend. I think the onions are going to come in really useful. I mean, what dish do you make that doesn’t include onions?? I use them in soups, for stews and casseroles, on top of burgers and steaks – you get the picture.


My old Uncle Jim actually likes to eat onions raw, like an apple you know? I’m not so keen on them raw (your mouth tastes like garbage for days afterwards…), but Uncle Jim swears he hasn’t had a cold in 20 years and he says it’s because he eats a raw onion a day every day.


I researched lots of tips and advice on planting onions, as I do really want mine to work. I’m growing my onions from sets (or bulbs) rather than seeds, as apparently that is easier for beginners – and I’m definitely a gardening newbie. Onion sets need less soil and less soil fertility, and they don’t get attacked by mildew.


Whilst I’m growing them, I’ve got to weed the onion beds regularly, and I should feed them with liquid fertiliser and water them when the ground is dry. I also need to cut off any flower stems which appear, as the onion plant should be using its energy to grow the bulb and not the flower.


OK – it sounds sorta straightforward and I’m really hoping it will produce great results. I read up about the soil in my area and it says that we have really good, rich soil which is great  for growing veggies.


If any of you reading this blog are good gardeners, I’d really love it if you could give me any advice about onions – oh, and kale and radishes too!


What should I plant during fall?


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Hey everyone – I have a question to ask. Do you consider yourself green-fingered? I ask because I’m writing this blog about gardening and before recently, I didn’t think I was green-fingered at all and now I really, really want to be.


As you can imagine, I’ve been Googling like a crazy woman so what I researched this week was – what to plant during fall. I started out my garden because I wanted it to look nice, adding in wrought iron railings and looking at different plants, including lilies. But then I thought, hey what about some food? I don’t about you, but our family’s food bills are kinda crazy frightening these days. I also like the idea of me as Earth Momma feeding the kids stuff I’ve grown and knowing it doesn’t have all those chemical nasties in it.


So, according to the wonderful world wide web, during Fall there’s quite a few veggies I can plant which I’ll be able to harvest in a few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I love veggies. My best friend Julie, who is an awesome cook, makes incredible veggies dishes (she’s a lifelong vegetarian, which is cool, but I love steak too much…). Maybe once my veggies have grown, she can have some in exchange for making some delicious veggie dishes for hubbie, kids and me!


raddishSo, what can I grow – I can grow radishes. I’ve got to get them in three to six weeks before the frost starts and they need to be planted about an inch apart. Maybe this could be a project for the kids? That way, they’ll be more likely to eat them…


lettuceOr I could grow head lettuces. These need to be planted about 8 inches apart and half-an-inch deep, and they should be watered every five to ten days. I guess it should be easy to tell when they are ready as I’ll be able to see them.


I keep reading about what a super food kale is and that all the super models/actresses eat it, so perhaps I should concentrate on kale? Kale, apparently, needs soil temperature of between 40-70 degrees F, and the seeds should be planted half-inch deep and 12-15 inches apart. You can pick the plant about 70-95 days after sewing. [Hubbie just looked over my shoulder there and went – “Bleurgh, there's no way I'm eating kale!” Honestly, what a terrible example to set our kids!]


Onions too could be a go-er (or should that be grow-er?!). The advice online says you should plant them if you live in an area which has a mild fall/winter – yippee, that’s me! – and it’s much easier to grow them from sets or mini-bulb than seed. I would need to plant them about an inch deep and 3-5 inches apart, and I can pick them when their tops fall over.


Well, there’s plenty to think about and get on with. Just think, if I got all of this good stuff planted we could be eating our produce in time for Thanksgiving.